The Three British Acts to Look Out For in 2017

I have impeccable taste in music, for this you shall truly find.
Take my hand and grasp this tone from my musical mind.
Though no strings be plucked a sweet sound shall linger.
All you must do to hear my sound is pull this finger.

Right, let me start again. I’ve got 3 British bands that I want to promote in this article. All have albums coming out late 2016/2017.


I listened to over 60 bands to find these lovely bastards. A wonderful part of the toil and struggle in 2015 of finding support acts for Viva Le Vox and Joe Buck Yourself (blog post about putting on my first gig coming at some point). They seem to be categorised as something call post-hardcore. I have no idea what this means. Listen to their new song politely named Suck Jobs.

Snack Family

Found in Dalston playing alongside the avant-garde bangers Hot Head Show (HHS). A rare treat/threat to have a saxophonist driving the sound.


Blake headed up a sweet little country folk band called Black River Wild. Here’s a little cover of the Lisa Hannigan song “Safe Travels (Don’t Die) from earlier in the year: