I’m selling my collection of band tour posters.

A sandwich toaster. That’s what my poster collection has become. Stuck in the corner and not seeing the light of day. I bought most from pushposters.com (now defunct) about 10-15 years ago, and then stopped collecting. The only exceptions have been a Viva Le Vox “spare a dollar” poster and a Queens of the Stone Age UK Tour set. So here we go, this is what I have for sale on eBay:

  1. *SOLD* Audioslave – Melbourne 2003 (signed by poster artist Cable – limited print run)
  2. *SOLD* Beastie Boys – Australia 1999 Tour (signed by artist Dillon Naylor – limited print run)
  3. *SOLD* De La Soul – California (signed by artist Darren Grealish – limited print run)
  4. *SOLD* Jane’s Addiction – Melbourne 2003 (signed by poster artist Joe Whyte – limited print run)
  5. *SOLD* Queens of the Stone Age – Japan 2002 (Darren Grealish)
  6. *SOLD* Radiohead – Ariel Theatre 1998 (signed by artist Uncle Charlie)
  7. *SOLD* Red Hot Chili Peppers – Texas 2003 (signed by artist Uncle Charlie)
  8. *SOLD* Rolling Stones – New Zealand 1973 Reprint (signed by artist Ian McCausland)
  9. *SOLD* Rolling Stones – Nashville 2002 (signed by poster artist Joe Whyte)
  10. *RECYCLE BINNED!* The Used – Michigan 2002 (signed by poster artist Uncle Charlie)
  11. *SOLD* The Who – Florida 1997 (signed by poster artist Uncle Charlie)
  12. *SOLD* Queens of the Stone Age 2007 Tour Set