“So what’s this bloody about and who are you?”

Aha! You’re actually reading this welcome blog post, written by me Michael Farenc-Austin. A music lover, who at the grand age of 34, decided to get married, have a child and look for a career change over a 12 month period. And most importantly, decided the best photo to open this blog was a picture of Frodo the cat looking at his penis.

So how did I get here? I’ve been in web design and development since I was 17. I plopped out of college after doing one module of “web production”, thought “I’m alright at this” then took the lowest paid web job I could find. After 17 years I’m starting the same process again, but instead getting experience working and volunteering with charities and health care providers. I’m still doing web on the side as freelance some days a week, but the momentum is with the care working side. I spend the rest of my time listening to music, playing with the son (typically dancing to music) and doing dad stuff with the other half.

For the blog itself I’m going to post up on a wide range of subjects and generally keep it short. Gig reviews, band interviews, charity/social work stuff, some useful website related fluff, home things such as me growing potatoes, onions & tomatoes as well as the odd curve ball article.

Now for the music

Country, blues, punk, ambient, pidgeon, flakaflaka poo pah etc. Some will be mainstream, some less so. All I believe in and enjoy live. The only genres you might not see much of are drum and bass and the like. Haven’t quite crossed that bridge yet. Here’s my last.fm profile as an insight. And to get started, the band I shout about a lot, Viva Le Vox:

Ta-ta for now.