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3rd March 2014 // music

Bands I like. 2014.


Ha! 2014! Myro ->

In honour of it nearly being a year since I posted something irrelevant, my good self has decided to tell the world my top, top bands for top, top people. No nonsense, just the bands that give me hope.

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24th March 2013 // music

Like Clockwork, QOTSA are back!


“I needed this.”

Good news that is. A poopy 6 months, and a terrible daytime on Friday 22nd March 2013, meant my evening was most likely going to be balls. It was, but with the announcement of the new Queens album (and snippets in tow), meant the edge was fortunately taken off.

Since the last Queens album (Era Vulgaris), numerous bands have taken to the magical flow under my musical bridge. Balthazar, Ane Brun, Olafur Arnalds, Big Boy Bloater, Gabby Young and Other AnimalsBlack River Wild, Mackley Drive, The Ends, have all tickled my whistle. The key question was could Queens regain my full love and attention?

It wasn’t really a question, my love for Queens still grows strong and will continue to grow based around their 3 amazing albums, 2 good albums, numerous great b-sides, bombastic live performances and my man crush on Josh Homme.

So what about the new album, 5 years since the last? I’m certain it will be an amazing release. And here’s proof why the album will be great:

  1. You see that logo on the right hand side? It uses the Borntohula blue, which completely means that they’ve seen MY SITE, taken MY FEEDBACK and produced an album solely BASED AROUND ME. Perfection.
  2. Elton John, Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) appear on the album playing instruments that they don’t know how to play.
  3. It’s by Queens of the Frikkin Stone Age

Now you may think those arguments are weak. Well, they are ill thought out and have very little weight BUT I’m pretty certain that blue colour makes everything true.

Back to the album snippets plonked onto the official website, I’ve managed to get some inside information about the titles.

  1. Snippet 1: Space Books
    Sounds Like: Ooooooooouuuuhhhhhh!
  2. Snippet 2: Bear Grinder
    Sounds Like: Era Vulgaris with more booze
  3. Snippet 3: Twisted Glow
    Sounds Like: The D
  4. Snippet 4: Cobblestoned
    Sounds Like: Spiders and Vinegaroons
  5. Snippet 5: A Stitch In Time, Makes Dave Grohls Pants
    Sounds Like: A new wave of Headaches
  6. Snippet 6: Rickshaw
    Sounds Like: Rickshaw
  7. Snippet 7: Robot Sexx
    Sounds Like: Your Kitchen When You’re Not There

I hope you’ve found this QOTSA information completely useless, and use it to its maximum potential. Good night!

13th August 2012 // musings

The Compulsory “Why I haven’t updated the blog recently, and how I’ll make sure I keep it up to date” Post


I’ve been busy. New contracts, moved house, was a Best Man, broke the motorbike, sorted out paperwork mountain, got nagged about numerous projects and been to a lot of gigs (and a music festival).

To get myself up to speed, I’ll be doing an overview review of all the gigs frequented in the last 5 months. Including Big Boy Bloater, King Punch, Standon Calling, Lianne La Havas, Gabby Young and Other Animals, Revere, Black River Wild, Yolanda Charles, White Denim, Duane Eddy, Gemma Hayes, Mini Mansions, Hot Head Show, Ane Brun, Charlene Soraia, Emile Sande and BaD WoLF.